3DFFT Sonic Prints new samples

22 Mar 3DFFT Sonic Prints new samples

I’ve continued to play with my 3DFFT software that takes incoming audio and generates a 3D mesh from the FFT information. I’ve been playing with some different types of music and gotten some really nice varying results. Some slow ambient songs are like dragging a paintbrush in a circle (Hammock), while more rhythmic songs have more of a stippling pattern (Haim and Animal Collective). These results were normalized but with a little too much of a hard cutoff, I’m trying to get a look for these that keeps them from exploding too much, but still keeping a little more texture. Doing selective coloring really makes a difference as well. I’m hoping to make some more physical renders of these in the near future with a CNC instead of a 3D printer so that the larger size can enhance some of the details. I also hope to work out the kinks soon so that I can release the code for other to use for making their own sound prints.