November 6th, 2010

Quartz Composer Example: Toss image

When posting Twitfeed and Wiipaint, I forgot about this other example of mine. It was one of my first attempts at using QC 4′s physics patches and it came out pretty well just by messing with the Apple examples. It allows you to give it a folder of images, and based on a simple pulse trigger (in this case, the space bar), it spits out another image on top of the old one. They all kind of pile on top of each other and have a nice, natural spring motion to them. It’s not the cleanest patch in the world, but let me know if you have any questions about deciphering it…a lot of the magic is in JavaScript for ease of logic, but I am the world’s sloppiest JavaScript programmer.

Toss image quartz example (662 downloads)