December 28th, 2010

1024 Bezier Warp – Expanded QC Comp for VDMX

First, make sure you have 1024′s amazing Bezier Warp QCplugin: (get it from their “box” on the left side of the page)

Second, grab my expanded version of their example patch for use in VDMX: 1024 Bezier Warp - Expanded Example Patch (1013 downloads) (see below for comp that includes POINT STORAGE)

This comp will be really useful for those of you with VDMX beta 8 access. Although it still is extremely functional for other versions, you just won’t have mouse interaction in the VDMX preview window.

I did the rote work to make all 16 warp points available and gave them additional offset controls for more fine-tuning within VDMX. Next I just need to figure out how to tackle point storage, since most of the would be reset every time you reload your VDMX preset…unless you’re just using the sliders for offset values. Then again…all of this kind of work will probably be moot when the actual MadMapper app comes out…but I’m really impressed by the ease of mapper…seems like it will certainly come in handy. Here’s some screenshots, and below that is Vidvox’s very helpful video on getting it all up and running

EDIT: Got point storage working..sort of. It’s a bit clunky, but it definitely works. Requires a whole lot of tedious patching and Kineme’s File tools and Structure tools, but I’ll try and post a working version soon.

UPDATE: Here is the hacky point storage method. Make sure to read the’s not all self explanatory: 1024 Bezier Warp - Point Storage (710 downloads) You need kineme’s file tools and structure tools installed for it to work! Would love to hear if there’s a more streamlined way to do it!

(Click for full size)

November 6th, 2010

Quartz Composer Example: Toss image

When posting Twitfeed and Wiipaint, I forgot about this other example of mine. It was one of my first attempts at using QC 4′s physics patches and it came out pretty well just by messing with the Apple examples. It allows you to give it a folder of images, and based on a simple pulse trigger (in this case, the space bar), it spits out another image on top of the old one. They all kind of pile on top of each other and have a nice, natural spring motion to them. It’s not the cleanest patch in the world, but let me know if you have any questions about deciphering it…a lot of the magic is in JavaScript for ease of logic, but I am the world’s sloppiest JavaScript programmer.

Toss image quartz example (662 downloads)

November 4th, 2010

Quartz composer examples: Twitfeed and WiiPaint for VDMX

Just a couple old examples that people used to ask for or could possibly find useful. The first is good ol’ WiiPaint which is a sort of lame way to use a Wiimote with VDMX or quartz composer, but it allows for drawing, erasing and color changes.

WiiPaint (523 downloads)

I also made a quick patch out of the RSS feed reader patch in Quartz and set it to search for tweets and display them in real time. It is a good choice for overlays at an event where there is a specific #hashtag. It displays each tweet and allows for control of color, and duration of each tweet, as well as accepting text input for a search term. Enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO TWITTER API CHANGES IN JUNE 2013 THE RSS FEED NO LONGER WORKS. Sorry :( Twitfeed quartz comp (964 downloads)