October 20th, 2010

The biggest video feedback loop in the world

I’ve been trying to think of ideas for my time at the Experimental television center next week and haven’t come up with anything too great yet, but I was thinking about the look of analog video feedback and thought it could be nice to try and make a gigantic video feedback loop. it would start in Owego (where the center is located) and send a camera feed it to one set of friends via skype and then to another/another etc. and back through the internet to another computer at the center that passes it through some of the analog equipment. This would keep looping and hopefully be recorded by people at each pass and then we could edit together some documentation after the whole thing finishes. Anyone have any other good ideas? Image of the flow idea is below…took me a while to think through it since skype can’t do two video chats at the same time.