19 Sep Survey of Alternative Displays

Read this article online here Here is a link to the full PDF of my Survey of Alternative Displays: :::::::::::[download id="1421"]   (Some formatting got altered when exporting to PDF and links were lost on image captions - here is the docx version as an alternative: [download id="1419"] -...

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27 Mar Quick update

Haven't posted much in a while. I recently completed some touring visuals for Hooray for Earth and got to play with them live here in Brooklyn. I also just wrapped up a music video for Banjo or Freakout's song Idiot Rain which will be debuting...

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12 Sep Color a Sound reimagined

I have been sharing the code for my piece Color a Sound with whoever contacts me. Today I just got a message about someone who successfully made their own version of the patch and added an extra color! Check out Cedric’s awesome video below: ...

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