Video Art

19 Sep Survey of Alternative Displays

Read this article online here Here is a link to the full PDF of my Survey of Alternative Displays: :::::::::::[download id="1421"]   (Some formatting got altered when exporting to PDF and links were lost on image captions - here is the docx version as an alternative: [download id="1419"] -...

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10 Dec Painterly Jitter

[gallery] (Click for  versions in their full 640 x 480 glory)Playing around with old code, feedback loops and Andrew Benson's always fun optical flow shaders. Sometimes stills of unusual systems are nicer than the thing in motion...

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20 Dec Top Music Videos of 2011

(no particular order) Bon Iver - Calgary (really awesome the reveal at the end) Battles - My Machines (amazingly done single shot video) Hooray For Earth - True Loves (this needs to be made into a movie) No Age - Fever Dreaming (another good single shot video) Battles -...

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