New Code – ofxCoreImage, ofxQuneo

06 Jun New Code – ofxCoreImage, ofxQuneo

Been working on some of my first openFrameworks addons – figured it made sense to post them here in case anyone has trouble finding them on my github:


Ever since transitioning from using Quartz Composer to openFrameworks, I wanted the ability to use the easy OSX Core Image filters inside OF apps. After finding an example online, I built out an addon that does just that. You can use about 70 of the 130+ built in filters – I just need to provide class breakouts for the other filters.

It’s still in development for now and needs some issues fixed with getting input and output properly and working with the GL Contexts so that I can properly use a GLFW window.



This addon does a breakout of the QuNeo MIDI controller so that you can send its values out over OSC and easily access them in your program if you need a quick physical interface without decoding all the control values.

There is also a breakout for the Akai MPD24 that does the exact same thing, but wasn’t sure if there would be much demand for that as a separate addon.


This is a simple addon for when you’re trying to debug something with your display or projector. Does checkerboards, single pixel grids, animated gradients, etc etc. More coming soon hopefully.


I have been revisiting my old visual performance Max/Jitter patch and I decided to make it publicly accessible. The only thing I can’t post are some shaders that have questionable licensing agreements attached to them, but if you remove those modules it should work just fine.