Banjo or Freakout – “Idiot Rain”

Video premiered onĀ

After seeing my video for Braids, Banjo or Freakoutt approached me about doing a video for his upcoming single “Idiot Rain.” My process for this video was much easier than it was for the Braids video. Since the song had a more straightforward structure it was fitting to transcribe more of a narrative to it. The entire video only took 6 days to make, from shooting to completion. I had done some test shots and such beforehand, but it was amazing to me that everything fell into place so quickly…especially when I did camera, editing and post production/effects. It was just nice to have a cohesive idea right off the bat. Also nice to have a super helpful set of friends to blow a saturday walking around Red Hook with a suitcase and a dog.

  • Caitlin Morris – Water mask person
  • Lisa Rogers – The follower
  • Margot – The Dog
  • Kyle McDonald – Camera assistant