Crystal Eye – iOS CV App

Crystal Eye promo video from Fake Love on Vimeo.

At work I got the amazing chance to spend some of my free time developing a simple photobooth iPhone app called Crystal Eye. I wanted to try and make something that I hadn’t really seen before, and a lot of the effects on the App store seemed to be in the same sort of “overlay” style.

I’ve been interested for a while in making effects that are influenced by the content of the image and aren’t simply just overlaid with little regard for what is going on inside the image. Another goal was to create a fun, interactive tool that anyone could just pick up and use. The live tweaking aspect was also pretty important to me.

The app is still in a sort of early development stage with a lot of cool tweaks and extra effects to be made down the road. I also hope to make a variation soon that processes each image as a frame that can be reassembled to a weird rotoscope style video.

Here is a little post Bruce Sterling made about it for Wired

Made with openFrameworks. Coded by me and Caitlin Morris. GUI design by Layne Braunstein.

Get the app, it’s free! (hasn’t been updated since 2012 – your mileage may vary in terms of it working or not)