Other live performances

This is a page of other notable live performances I have participated in.

Trip[tych] – Visuals as Conductor

Hooray For Earth – Glasslands 2011

Hooray For Earth – “Sails” from CANNONS on Vimeo.



Coming Together
Fall 2008

Michael Century approached me about adding a visual element to Frederic Rzewski’s piece Coming Together, which was based on the Attica Prison Riots of 1971. For this piece I obtained several discs of riot footage from the New York State Archives and edited it into several sections. The piece itself is divided into seven different sections, so I moved from rather neutral and blurry clips at the beginning, to very grim and violent clips by the time the piece reached it’s thunderous climax. I performed the video live alongside the Rensselaer Contemporary Music Ensemble.


Synesthesia – 4 Cantos
Spring 2010

A four part performance in Saratoga Springs, NY. James Gascoyne had contacted me about doing visuals along with his music for this night of performance originally intended to involve live painting as well. The night included four 45 minute performances of loosely structured music and completely improvised visuals centered around four main themes. The above video is a clip from the last section of the performance.


In/Out Fest 2010 with Jared Smyth
Fall 2010

This was a performance as part of In/Out fest a two day experimental media festival at The Tank in Manhattan. I was paired up with a musician I had never played with before, and we did our best to work together. Smyth’s music was largely pre-composed, and was tied in with drum triggers running through software. He had five different pieces planned for the thirty minute performance, and I divided my content into five sections. We also hung scrims in the space to create a slightly more dimensional projection surface. This performance saw the introduction of a few new techniques and interfaces, including the Wacom tablet and Space Navigator.


Performance with !!! (chk chk chk) and Gangwish at VIA 2010
Fall 2010

I was invited to play at the very first VIA festival in Pittsburg. The festival invited several local bands and paired each one up with a different visualist. For the first day, I got paired with the amazing local act Gangwish, fronted by Sam Pace. On the second day, I was paired with the headliner !!! (a.k.a. chk chk chk). Because !!! is not an act that I would normally play with, I developed some special content in Quartz composer that I felt was fitting to their sound. Both performances went really well, and I hope to continue playing at VIA in the future…it has a lot of potential for making the visualist a more important part of a live concert.