(Photo by Jeff Stark)

Overflow is the title of my MFA thesis presentation. It was a 5 piece performance that took place in the Troy Gasholder House on March 3rd, 2010. The Gasholder House is a 100ft diameter, 50ft tall cylindrical brick building with very unique acoustics. You could clap your hands and hear delay and reverb for a good five seconds. I used four projectors, two laptops, and six different musicians.The entire performance was about 50 minutes long.

Each piece explored a different relationship between sound and image in a live context. The relationships range from the visuals representing the music (Building a still), to having the visuals be the conductor of the overall musical action (Trip[tych]). The five pieces were:

  1. 1. Building a still (featuring an arrangement of Bon Iver’s song Woods)
  2. 2. Free Improvisation
  3. 3. Trip [tych]
  4. 4. Scouter
  5. 5. Overflow

The participating musicians were Kyle McDonald, Ryan Jenkins, Will Rogers, Caitlin Morris, David Rhoderick, and Jesse French and Lisa Rogers.

Overflow is described in more detail in my thesis, available here.