The Album Leaf – 2016 Tour Visuals


In August 2016, I managed to get in touch with one of my all time favorite acts, The Album Leaf. I’ve been a huge huge fan since their 2004 release In A Safe Place, so this was a wonderfully surreal experience for me. They needed some content for their upcoming tour in support of the album Between Waves and were interested in collaborating for some of their stage visuals. I made some new stuff and also pulled a lot of video out of my archives since it was a tight turnaround.


They took my┬ácontent (and content from a few other visual artists they work with, like Michael Raines ) and matched it to each song for their set using Resolume. The set design was projection over several transparent scrims placed around the band, giving the abstract projection a more volumetric effect. The live set itself had a great shape of building from simple lighting cues to more detailed and textured video elements as the show went on. I really appreciated the opportunity to contribute – It was an amazing experience to see the band perform songs that I’ve loved for over 10 years with some of my video elements behind them.