The first of videos from the ETC

02 Nov The first of videos from the ETC

The first of 4 or 5 videos that I churned out at my residency at the experimental television center. Both of these were made on my last day there…they mostly came about because the song would randomly come on while i was working and it just happened to click with what I was doing at the moment. Both are kind of slow burn and minimalist. Enjoy!

I’ll just copy and paste from my vimeo:

An experimental video made while in residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. This song happened to come on randomly as I was working with a set of cameras, and this is what I ended up with.

The entire video was (sort of) made in one shot. I set up 4 cameras pointed at different parts of the scene, and used audio triggers from the song to automatically switch between the cameras. All camera switches were unique to the time I played the song back, so I couldn’t really plan for a progression.

The first pass was recorded off of the screen of the wobbulator to give it a security camera feel. i then played back that first pass back through the wobbulator again and had the audio drive the drawing of the scanlines, resulting in the jiggling lines of the video. You’ll notice that bass sounds result in an all over image wobble, while high notes are more visual as you can see their frequency in the lines.

And another:

Part of an experiment with multiple cameras and rapid switching at the Experimental Television center. Attempt at making a live lo-fi bullet time/stop motion look.

This video was all done live and in one take using 8 different cameras and an automated switcher. Some layering and color correction was done in Final Cut Pro afterwards. I mostly left it in gritty SD because it was already the product of 8 cameras, 4 of which were late 70’s/early 80’s black and white cameras. Everything was then run through the Jones sequencer which was controlled by an oscillator running at a variable speed.

The colors are off because when something is run through the ETC system, it’s chroma phase gets thrown off by each new device it goes through. I tried to do as much manual correction of the hue as I could, but I ended up leaving it in all different colors to differentiate the cameras a little bit.