Jit.freenect examples

19 Dec Jit.freenect examples

Download the patch here: Max/MSP/Jitter - Jit.freenect examples (924 downloads) (or right click and select “Save as”)

Using Jean-Marc Pelletier’s amazing Jit.freenect grab tool I was able to join in on the Microsoft Kinect party. I haven’t made anything nearly as impressive as the myriad of videos flying around youtube and vimeo, but it was fun to play with the depth information for the first time.

I’m more of a max/msp guy, so I just threw together a few examples based on what came to mind in the first few hours of playing with one. Haven’t really touched it with Openframeworks or anything like that yet, but that’s definitely the tool of choice for most people. The first time I played with the tool in Jitter, I had trouble getting the right kind of data treatment in order to get interesting looking things, but this time i was able to cobble together things based on suggestions from users on the Cycling 74 forums. Hopefully my simple experiments will be helpful to someone else. Unfortunately, I was borrowing my kinect so I’m sort of flying blind in terms of updating the example. Hopefully I didn’t break anything when I cleaned it up…

In the example you can get a slice of the depth info and use that as a simple controller, you can control a goofy theremin, map the depth info onto 3d nurbs, and colorize the depth info.

Screenshots are below…I have video, but it’s not very interesting, so a photo will have to do.



  • Joan

    hi Blair, thanks for your examples!! today is my firt freenect&kinect contact, I’ve some problems studying the freenect’s out information.. I hope it will be easier with your examples..


  • These have really helped me understand what is going on, thanks!!

  • bartdoesart

    Thanks for this, Blair. It’s great! I have one silly question: The video from the nurbs patch is displaying upside down. How can it turn it over? (Five minutes later: ah ha, it’s the jit.dimmap that’s extra tiny! Fixed it.)
    Beautiful stuff!

  • Sergio Núñez

    And the examples?