Rivulet iOS Game


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Rivulet is my first attempt at making a game. I had been curious about seeing more games and interactions that used multitouch in a new way, so I started working on this a while ago. I originally made it for an iPad, but decided to move it to iPhone to get it into more hands. My inspiration for the game was a little bit Flappy Bird and a little bit Super Hexagon in terms of twitch gameplay that can take some time to fully master. The biggest challenge I faced was trying to figure out how to increase difficulty level over level while also improving at the game myself – difficult to play it as a beginner again and stay in that mindset. I also found games very interesting and overwhelming in terms of the number of potential decisions to make.


I built it with openFrameworks. Claudia Chagui and Lana Caster helped me with font choices and the design of a few screens. I also developed this partially during my time at Fake Love and I appreciate their support.



GreenGameplayDamageImage DifficultyImage GreenGameplay InfoScreen TwitchScreen